• Serration - a Minecraft multiplayer PvP minigame made with my friend Sable about forging swords on one of eight massive hand-crafted maps (4,000+ downloads) (mirror)
Video Game Modding
Unreal Engine
  • UAssetGUI - an open-source .NET application that allows for examining and modifying Unreal Engine .uasset files by hand (30,000+ downloads)
  • UAssetAPI - an open-source .NET API that allows for parsing and serialization of Unreal Engine .uasset files
  • AstroModLoader Classic - the first user-friendly, open-source mod manager for Astroneer .pak mods (25,000+ downloads) (no longer supported)
  • Astroneer Mods - a read-only archive of my old Astroneer mods
  • No Angler Timer - a quality-of-life Terraria 1.3 mod which disables the timer between the Angler NPC's quests (200,000+ downloads)
  • Better Taxes - a quality-of-life Terraria 1.4 mod which improves the Tax Collector NPC in a variety of ways (150,000+ downloads)
  • A Big Stick - a content Terraria 1.4 mod which adds 20 new ranged weapons that fire 15 types of "stick" as ammo (19,000+ downloads)
  • MEGAGUN - a mod that adds a large handheld minigun with three different ammo types (200,000+ active users)
  • ARMAGEDDON - a mod that adds a large handheld railgun which refills itself as you destroy more terrain (95,000+ active users)
  • APĀ® ASTRONEER Exam - welcome back to high school! a fun 40-question test of your Astroneer knowledge, in the style of an Advanced PlacementĀ® exam
  • EXO Dynamics Calculators - a set of web-based calculators and guides to facilitate designing precisely-engineered power and scrap systems in Astroneer
  • Astromap - an interactive map of the Astroneer solar system in real space (obsolete)
Web Toys
  • Swirl - a silly 2D scriptable sandbox browser game from 2018 that allows you to spawn and push around various objects
  • Up-Down - a silly browser game from 2018 about consistent inputs
  • Murdle Solver - a tool for testing and solving puzzles from Murdle, a web game and series of books by G.T. Karber
  • Murdle Time Machine - a bookmarklet to allow generating arbitrary puzzles on Murdle
  • The Diplomatic Cheese Thief - an absurd short story that I wrote as an allegory in my senior year of high school
  • tosabbreviator - a command-line utility that adjusts text prompts in the video game Town of Salem to be as concise as possible (obsolete)